Dyslexia Institutes of America
Producing Results for Lifelong Success

Initial Testing

DIA offers a prospective client two options before enrolling:

  1. The prospective client may choose to have a screening for dyslexia before the total test battery is applied. The screening is not a definitive diagnosis, but may be able to predict the condition of dyslexia in the client. When a client is screened, the DIA director speaks to the parent or adult client following the screening procedure with advice on how to proceed with the prospective client. In our experience, the screening procedure has been able to predict dyslexia with 85% accuracy. Screening a client and discussing the results takes approximately one hour.
  2. The prospective client may choose to take the total test battery. This will give a definitive diagnosis of dylexia. If the client is dyslexic, the testing will also tell the level of severity (out of four distinct levels) and the kind of dyslexia present (dyseidetic, dysphonetic, or dysphoneidetic). The entire battery takes two to two-and-a-half hours, and is followed later in the week with a one-hour conference to translate the results.

When results are given to the parent or adult client, a projection of time is also estimated for completion of the program. Goals and objectives of therapy are outlined, and the rules and regulations of the clinic are explained. We ask the parent or adult helper to sign an agreement to apply home therapy measures in a consistent and regular basis.