Dyslexia Institutes of America
Producing Results for Lifelong Success


a group of smiling studentsThe Dyslexia Clinic is the successful result of seven and a half years of benefits of our expertise! You do not need highly specialized training and are not required to diagnose or prescribe treatment for your clients. Each Clinic simply have on staff a director, either full or part time who is a certified teacher. perferably with experience in Special Education. As your service provider, we will prepare all client assessment results and therapy prescriptions for you. Your clinic will interview and test new clients, and administer and monitor their ongoing treatments.


A two-week training period is provided for all new franchises. During this training you will learn management, operations, marketing, testing, and therapy procedures of the clinic. You will be given hands-on training and observation in therapy procedures and diagnostic testing. Manuals for operating the clinic will be provided for you.

Ownership Advantages

  • Personal satisfaction of helping others
  • Attractive financial opportunities
  • Competition for therapeutic services is minimal to nonexistent
  • Large client potential: 15% - 20% of our existing population is dyslexic
  • Some of our regular clients are funded by local insurance carriers or state rehabilitation services
  • Clients remain in therapy for a minimum of one and a half years and as long as three years
  • Once the Clinic is established, a four-day work week can be observed with optional Saturdays
  • Potential absentee ownership available for qualified individuals
  • Public schools, learning and tutoring centers do not treat dyslexia with therapeutic procedures


If you would like to receive more information on how to start your own Dyslexia Institutes of America clinic, please contact us.